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magdas and TZ Seestadt – two projects by ATP and ATP sustain – feature amongst Austria’s most climatically fit buildings.

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Austria’s capital city has found a reliable partner in ATP as it continues its ambitious project of promoting climate-neutral building: Supported by the expertise of ATP sustain, the research company for sustainable building, two of our Viennese projects feature on a list of 30 of the country’s particularly sustainable buildings.

At the Vienna Congress for Sustainable Building of the klimaaktiv Initiative of the Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism and the ÖGNB both magdas industrial kitchen and the Seestadt Technology Center were awarded ÖGNB Gold Certificates. Both projects symbolize the hope for a revolution in the use of energy in the building sector.

Established certification methods such as klimaaktiv and the ÖGNB honor us not only for our social, economic, and ecological success in the design of sustainable buildings”, says Michael Haugeneder, Managing Director of ATP sustain. “They also confirm the overall sense of social responsibility of our clients and underline the exemplary impact of such well-thought-out buildings.

The taste of sustainability: magdas industrial kitchen – hitherto the highest-rated industrial building in Austria
With 961 out of 1,000 possible ÖGNB points the industrial kitchen designed by ATP Vienna in cooperation with ATP sustain is hitherto the highest-rated industrial building to be completed in Austria. The focuses of the project – sustainability and recycling – were reflected in the areas of energy, water, and materials. The building is heated using the heat extracted from the industrial cooling plant, rainwater is used in the irrigation and cleaning of the external areas, and the demolition materials recycled by HarvestMAP bring life to the interior of the building.

Seestadt Technology Centre – flagship project with a positive energy footprint
The technology center in Seestadt is recognized in both Austria and beyond as an exemplary sustainable building. Following the completion Phase 1 in line with passive house standards, Phase 2 – whose ground floor will offer large areas for not just circulation and meeting but also multifunctional uses – is now under construction. With 932 out of 1,000 ÖGNB points this ATP project features amongst Austria’s 30 most ambitious and climatically fit buildings, largely thanks to the expert energy-related advice from ATP sustain.

ATP sustain – research company shapes how we see the key things behind the façade
In order to define the sustainable objectives of both projects ATP Vienna was advised from the very start – and hence in the very first phase of the needs-oriented integrated design process – by ATP sustain. Even after the completion of both competition processes the sustainability experts continued to accompany the projects by delivering services in the areas of energy and sustainability, building physics including simulation, lifecycle costs, ecological assessment, and certification.

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magdas kitchen features among Austria’s 30 most climatically fit buildings.

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