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Relocation to Zurich West – a new 900 sqm world of work

Mint Architecture creates its own user-oriented world of work

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The specialists for commercial and user-oriented architecture Mint Architecture has moved to Zurich West. In its new premises at Förrlibuckstrasse 150 the architectural office has created a process-oriented world of work based on the approach of “activity-based working” that will facilitate new innovative ways of working and enable visitors to experience the brand and culture of the architectural office in three-dimensional surroundings.

The demands upon today’s workspaces are changing dramatically in our mobile and networked society. This is also clear to the workplace specialists of Mint Architecture, who have already been developing new worlds of work in a range of projects for clients across many years. Now the architectural office has created its own new 900-square-meter workplace for around 60 employees, which offers the interdisciplinary teams spatial and furniture typologies that are aligned with the design process.

The modern, process-oriented world of work
The basis for the new use and design concept was delivered by the employees themselves. With the help of tools developed by Mint Architecture the functional parameters of the world of work were drawn up by interdisciplinary teams with representatives from a wide range of specialist areas including architects and interior designers, designers, market analysts, and real estate economists etc. and the overall space was subdivided into a series of working and recreational typologies on the basis of “activity-based working” and “health and wellbeing”. These typologies offer high levels of flexibility and transparency and encourage cooperative work in collaborative networks while also meeting the demand for privacy and offering opportunities to be alone.

Spaces for activity, meeting, and retreat
Mint Architecture’s new world of work puts an end to rigidly assigned workspaces and promotes working in collaborative networks and processes. Newly integrated typologies open up opportunities for co-working, meeting, sharing, and withdrawing. To this end, the employees are presented with a wide variety of workspaces in which the heights of desks are ergonomically adjustable and they can choose whether to work sitting down or standing up, in teams or as undisturbed as possible – as, for example, in the darkened focus room with its warm lighting concept. The entire open and inviting meeting space encourages colleagues to engage in formal and informal discussions and includes an arena for customer and employee presentations. The multifunctional “showroom” offers an excellently equipped material library and lighting which is ideal for presenting materials and samples and can be situationally separated for client meetings. Surrounded by plants and natural sounds and aromas in the multisensory garden, ideas and new concepts emerge on the huge, wall-sized whiteboard. The garden is also home to a physical specialist library and a quiet room with a lounger.

Experience the culture
The entire development of both the new spaces and the associated new ways of working was accompanied by a change management process. With the help of tools developed by Mint Architecture itself, the workplace specialists and the employees addressed all potential emotional reservations and created a general climate of change. The look & feel is architecturally clear and reduced and reflects the uncomplicated, informal culture and the notion of diversity with the help of unusual accents in terms of both colors and materials. True to its general pledge in all projects to “love this place” the architectural office has now created a dynamic and inspiring workplace and meeting place for its own 60 employees.

According to Peter Roth, the CEO of Mint Architecture: “Our new workplace in Zurich West marks a further important milestone in the history of our architectural office and means that the user-oriented approach in the development of architectural projects can now also be experienced in our own premises.


Mint Architecture
Mint Architecture was established by Thomas Stiefel in 1995 as Retailpartners and was part of the Messerli Group between 2006 and 2019. At the beginning of 2019, Messerli sold its majority share to the design office ATP architects engineers, which is active across Europe. Mint Architecture specializes in commercially used and experience-oriented architecture in the retail, shopping center, gastronomy & food, workplaces, banking & finance, public spaces, and health & hospitality markets.

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Mint Architecture creates its own user-oriented world of work

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