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Designer Outlet Croatia, Zagreb, HR

Shopping with Mediterranean flair

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A Designer Outlet in the form of a small Croatian city designed by ATP Zagreb is being built to the east of the Croatian capital. The commission to design the center was preceded by the key phase of the masterplanning of the multi-phase development of the IKEA-owned site which was carried out by ATP Vienna. The first of the two loops of the Design Outlet opened in mid-2018.

This first construction phase became the first shopping center in Croatia to be awarded a BREEAM certificate for sustainable building. A large proportion of the energy demand is met from geothermal sources. 3,000 square meters of photovoltaic panels also contribute to this positive energy footprint. The green areas are irrigated using collected rainwater which results in a monthly reduction in water consumption of up to 90 cubic meters.

The designer outlet has excellent transport connections. The 5.5 million residents of the catchment area of the center will find 75 individual shops and restaurants covering a total of 15,500 square meters. The distinct design of the center recalls a small city with narrow streets and striking squares which, in reference to the various geographical regions of the country, are realized in building styles from across Croatia.

In order to help visitors orientate themselves within the complex they are taken on a tour of four cultural regions: From the baroque atmosphere of dynamic Zagreb they move on to richly verdant Slavonia with its colorful façades and narrow streets. The charming Split in Central Dalmatia enchants with its Adriatic flair while, further south in Dalmatia, the Mediterranean mood of Dubrovnik enhances the picturesque overall impression. This miniature version of Croatia is intended not only to entertain local visitors but also to offer a first historical impression of the country to the many tourists who arrive along the busy transport routes from Hungary, Slovenia and Serbia which converge close by.

The integrated planning with Building Information Modeling (BIM) by ATP Zagreb included integrated design (architecture, structural and building services engineering, site supervision and the quality management of the execution design which was carried out by STRABAG). The masterplan was drawn up by ATP Vienna (Design & Research) and the BREEAM certification of the DO was accompanied by ATP sustain.

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Authentic façades from high-quality materials transport shoppers to Croatia’s Adriatic coast.

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