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Fewer Errors with BIM

Plandata Managing Director Lars Oberwinter speaks on the Heinze ArchitekTOUR.

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The "ArchitekTOUR," which is organized by the German information platform Heinze, traditionally brings together high caliber speakers from the architectural and construction sectors – this year "on screen." For this reason, the presentation by Lars Oberwinter, Managing Director of the ATP subsidiary Plandata, on "BIM Quality Management 2.0" seemed even more appropriate. The BIM expert spoke to his almost 300 online listeners about "How errors (in BIM models) can really make us wiser."

The starting point of his presentation was the status quo in digital building development and operation. While acceptance of BIM is slowly growing, the lack of standards remains a problem. This is one of the reasons why Plandata recently introduced two of its own tools.

For troubleshooting
Everyone who works with BIM knows that it is accompanied by a certain susceptibility to errors, explained Oberwinter. For example, it is easy to position a floor slab too high or too low in a digital project twin. But most people also generally know where to look for such errors. This is exactly what the first step of quality management is all about - recognizing errors - before removing them in the second step. To this end, Plandata has developed a plug-in that enables users to work directly in the program (Revit) without a long process chain. This plug-in is already used by ATP.

For bird's-eye views
But true quality management requires even more: cumulative error processing followed by conclusions (e.g. Where is training needed? Which types of errors must be addressed by the rapid analysis tools?). Hence, Plandata is working with the so-called "QM Dashboard". This collects and rates errors, adds a time stamp, and evaluates them graphically. According to Oberwinter it is essential here that the program acts "as passively as possible." In order to create an overriding "bird's-eye view" out of these various “frog's-eye views", the dashboard also makes it possible to offer a "top view" at CEO level.

Pushing BIM forward
In line with ATP's motto of "sharing knowledge", both tools will be widely available from September: the plug-in free of charge and the dashboard at a very low cost. Further information will soon be published on our website.

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Lars Oberwinter is an architect and the Managing Director of Plandata.

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