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ATP supports the initiative “Help us 2 Help” for the construction of Aid Centers in Beirut.

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Beirut needs help, say the international architects Karim and Rames Najjar: “The explosions in the port exponentially increased the problems of the surrounding communities. And the COVID19 pandemic means that they have no chance of finding a moment’s peace.” ATP have supported their engagement with 5,000 euros.

The Najjar brothers are collecting donations towards their sustainable rebuilding initiative via the NGO “Design for Communities” (D4C) and together with the Design Impact Laboratory at the American University of Beirut and the local Apostolic Vicariate. The slogan is “Help us 2 Help”.
More concretely, the aid is currently flowing into three projects: the realization of “Crossing Together” Aid Centers, the transformation of a soup kitchen into a community center (Karantina), and the restoration of a public space (Karm El-Zeitoun).

Where support services “cross”
The Aid Centers will provide food, psychological and emotional support, and educational activities, grants and educational material to 1,000 families. They are hubs for all ages and ethnic and religious groups; but they are particularly aimed at people who are experiencing inequality, violence, and trauma. These are generally the elderly, women, young people, and children. The latter groups in particular are often unable to afford the equipment required for the current online teaching. The Aid Centers provide them with such equipment.
With the support of students, engineers, and volunteer architects, D4C assumes responsibility for the design and construction of the Aid Centers.

In the past, D4C has successfully realized a number of school projects in Lebanon. In addition to this, the NGO is also involved in conservation and recycling projects. Najjar & Najjar Architects has offices in Beirut, Stuttgart, and Vienna.

Corporate Giving
Every year, ATP supports projects and institutions with positive socio-political agendas as a means of making its own small contribution to the common good.

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Design for a “Crossing Together” Aid Center.

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