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NEW 26.05.2020 Форарльберг, BIM, Integrated Design

A World of Experience with the Skin of a Dragon

ALEJA Shopping Center in Ljubljana, SL

With its compelling and meticulously realized concept, the newly-opened ALEJA shopping center in the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana, which was designed by ATP architects engineers (Innsbruck), offers the perfect platform for international and local labels in around 80 shops with a total of 32,000 m2 of lettable space. With its rooftop leisure, sport, and relaxation areas and its stylish food court, the technically and architecturally innovative building responds to the competition from online retailers while also giving space back to the surrounding urban district.

NEW 08.05.2020 Lifecycle

An Opportunity for Climate Protection

ATP sustain shows how the economic restart could succeed in the interests of sustainability

40 % of Europe’s greenhouse gas emissions can be traced back to buildings. There is huge room for improvement in this area. The fact that an ecological approach and local purchasing decisions also make economic sense for building projects was known long before building materials became stuck overseas waiting for delivery due to corona. However, Michael Haugeneder

NEW 07.05.2020 BIM, Integrated Design

Sharing Knowledge

ATP and Plandata’s unconventional approach to the democratization of BIM standards

Is corona now leading to a BIM boom? Lars Oberwinter isn’t leaning his head quite so far out of the window ... but the BIM expert is convinced that the current situation is showing us more than ever that non-BIM-supported ways of working have already reached the limit of their capacity.

07.04.2020 Corporate News, Mitarbeiter

Vorstands-Quadriga bei ATP architekten ingenieure

TGA- und BIM-Experte Thilo Ebert neu „on board”

Mit Thilo Ebert holt ATP architekten ingenieure einen ausgewiesenen Fachmann der Technischen Gebäudeausrüstung in den Vorstand. So möchte Europas stärkstes Büro für Integrale Planung die immer wichtiger werdende Disziplin der TGA auch in der höchsten Führungsebene kompetent abbilden.

01.04.2020 Corporate News

„Corona wird gerade auch unsere Arbeitswelten nachhaltig verändern.“

Interview mit Prof. Christoph M. Achammer, CEO ATP architekten ingenieure

„Wir erleben derzeit in unserer täglichen Arbeit, aber auch in Lehre und Forschung, einen gewaltigen Entwicklungssprung in Richtung Digitalisierung unserer Arbeitsweise. Hindernisse, die seit Jahren diesen Fortschritt blockieren, sind über Nacht wie weggeblasen“, sagt Univ.-Prof. Christoph M. Achammer, Vorstandsvorsitzender von ATP architekten ingenieure und Professor am Lehrstuhl für integrale Bauplanung und Industriebau, Institut für interdisziplinäres Bauprozessmanagement.