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02.10.2023 Награды

Allianz zur Wiederbelebung von Warenhäusern:

NEW LIFE-Immobiliengipfel bei ATP in Frankfurt

Frankfurt am Main, 21. 09. 2023

03.07.2023 Корпоративные новости

What can we do with these blocks?

Roundtable discussion in Berlin: New perspectives for department store buildings

ATP and PwC Berlin organize a high-level roundtable discussion on the subject: What can we do with these blocks?

25.05.2023 Награды, Форарльберг

Design and Development Award

ALEJA has won another award

The shopping and district center in Ljubljana that was integrally designed with BIM by ATP architects engineers has won the Design and Development Award in the “New Shopping Centers from 15,001–45,000 sqm” category

10.05.2023 Награды, Форарльберг

Austrian Green Planet Building Award

Award for the Markas Headquarters in Bolzano

The Markas headquarters in Bolzano, which were integrally designed with BIM by ATP architects engineers, have been awarded the Austrian Green Planet Building Award 2023. The jury primarily emphasized the architecturally well-thought through combination of ecological and social sustainability: “The project sustainably draws on the entire reserve of climate-efficient building ideas while increasing the wellbeing of employees over the long term.”

09.05.2023 Награды, ATP Vienna

Award to the Austro Tower

LEED and ÖGNI platinum certification

The integrated design team of ATP Vienna and ATP sustain also wanted to reach for the sky at the Austro Tower in terms of sustainability – and they were successful. Austria’s fifth-highest building has been awarded platinum certification by the well-known certification systems LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and ÖGNI (Austrian Sustainable Building Council).