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NEW 29.06.2020 Integrated Design, BIM

The Crisis as an Opportunity for ABW

Architect and Head of Design Paul Ohnmacht on the consequences of Covid-19 for the working environment.

The fact that the corona crisis will lead to long-term changes in working environments is quite clear to Paul Ohnmacht. However, for the architect and Head of Design at ATP Innsbruck the question of what these changes will look like is fascinating and is closely related to the concept of Activity Based Working (ABW).

NEW 29.06.2020 Integrated Design, BIM

Quo vadis, Building Industry?

ATP CEO Christoph M. Achammer and Lars Oberwinter, Managing Director of Plandata, on the digitalization of the construction sector.

Due to the Covid-19 measures, this year’s Building Life Congress had to take place online - which was actually very appropriate for an event on the subject of digital construction, design, and operation! All speakers delivered their lectures online between 13th and 20th May. ATP CEO Christoph M. Achammer addressed the subject of the digitalization of the building industry and Lars Oberwinter, Managing Director of Plandata, offered some interesting insights into the potential of BIM as an instrument of quality assurance.

08.05.2020 Lifecycle

An Opportunity for Climate Protection

ATP sustain shows how the economic restart could succeed in the interests of sustainability

40 % of Europe’s greenhouse gas emissions can be traced back to buildings. There is huge room for improvement in this area. The fact that an ecological approach and local purchasing decisions also make economic sense for building projects was known long before building materials became stuck overseas waiting for delivery due to corona.

07.05.2020 BIM, Integrated Design

Sharing Knowledge

ATP and Plandata’s unconventional approach to the democratization of BIM standards

Is corona now leading to a BIM boom? Lars Oberwinter isn’t leaning his head quite so far out of the window ... but the BIM expert is convinced that the current situation is showing us more than ever that non-BIM-supported ways of working have already reached the limit of their capacity.

31.03.2020 Integrated Design, ATP Vienna

Airport Make-Over in Linz

ATP Wien erhält Zuschlag für Rahmenvertrag zur schrittweisen Umgestaltung des Linzer Flughafen

Linz Airport bekommt neuen Look: Im Rahmen eines Verhandlungsverfahrens erhielt ATP Wien – gemeinsam mit amd.sigma Airport Management + Development – im vergangenen Jahr den Zuschlag zur schrittweisen Umgestaltung und Modernisierung des Flughafens Linz bei laufendem Betrieb. Grundlage für das Make-Over des 1955 errichteten Flughafens ist ein auf acht Jahre anberaumter Rahmenvertrag („Generalplanerleistungen und ÖBA für Bauprojekte am Linz Airport”). Die ersten Teilprojekte – Erneuerung der Gastronomie und Neubau Fracht – stehen nun am „Start”.