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06.10.2022 Награды, Форарльберг

BigSEE Wood Design Award

The THEURL office buildingn was awarded in the "City and community" category

The THEURL office building, which has already been awarded the Carinthian Timber Construction Prize 2021, is a landmark that underlines the identity of the company. The ATP design team skillfully highlighted the use of timber as a sustainable material both inside and outside the building: in the spruce of the distinctive vertical solar protection slats in front of the glass façade, the larch of the horizontal balcony strips, the generous entrance area, and the columns, beams, and ceiling elements of the atmospheric offices. With the exception of the reinforced concrete stair staircase, the entire building is made of wood and, hence, acts as a powerful symbol for the employees of the manufacturer of timber products.

23.11.2021 Награды, Форарльберг

Pradler Saggen, Innsbruck, AT

ATP Innsbruck gewinnt 1. Preis im Wettbewerb für die 4. Baustufe

Die Modernisierung der alten Südtiroler Siedlung im Pradler Saggen zählt zu den aktuell größten Wohnbauprojekten in Innsbruck. Für die 4. und letzte Baustufe lobte die Neue Heimat Tirol – Gemeinnützige WohnungsGmbH einen geladenen, einstufigen Realisierungswettbewerb aus.

11.11.2021 Награды, Форарльберг

Holzbaupreis Kärnten

Das von ATP integral mit BIM geplante Bürogebäude für Theurl wurde ausgezeichnet.

Der von ATP architekten ingenieure integral geplante Firmensitz des Holzindustrieunternehmens Theurl hat den diesjährigen Kärntner Holzbaupreis gewonnen.

08.09.2021 Integrated Design, Форарльберг

Handl Gastro Service

Production and retail facility for the restaurant and hotel sector in Tyrol and Vorarlberg

An ecologically and economically sustainably designed production and retail facility opened recently in Pians in Tyrol. And the building attracted widespread attention during its construction phase because the ATP-led integrated digital design process (with BIM) also enabled something very special to be achieved – the world’s largest column-supported cross-laminated timber slab.

23.08.2021 Награды, Форарльберг


ATP wins the ICONIC AWARD for innovative architecture for the shopping center ALEJA.

ATP architects engineers has won an ICONIC AWARD for innovative architecture for the fifth time. This year, the prestigious prize has gone to the ALEJA Shopping Center in Ljubljana. “We are particularly delighted to have won this prize. Because it shows that experience-oriented retail architecture and highly-efficient, sustainable building methods complement each other perfectly,” says ATP Lead Project Manager Philipp Pfister.