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25.06.2019 BIM, Сотрудники и карьера, Форарльберг

Digitaler Durchblick

ATP-Experten stärken Universität Innsbruck mit praxisnahem BIM-Wissen

Rund 40 Studierende des Instituts für experimentelle Architektur Fachbereich Hochbau der Universität Innsbruck kamen im Sommersemester 2019 in einen besonderen Genuss: Im Rahmen des Seminars

06.06.2019 Награды, Integrated Design, Форарльберг, ATP Vienna, ATP Frankfurt, ATP HAID Nuremberg, ATP Berlin, Корпоративные новости, ATP München

Strongest Brand

ATP wins the sought-after Real Estate Brand Award for the fifth year in a row.

ATP had every reason to celebrate at the award ceremony of the Real Estate Brand Awards in 2019: The company was named the strongest architecture brand in Austria by the EUREB Institute for the fifth year in a row.

05.06.2019 Форарльберг, BIM, Integrated Design

HOFER ALPHA Retail Network, Eberstalzell, AT

Dressed for success – office landscape as a future hub

The advent of a new world of work: The “ALPHA Retail Network” – a forward-looking initiative from the food retailer HOFER which has been implemented by ATP Innsbruck – represents a bold step forward.

07.05.2019 Корпоративные новости, Integrated Design, Форарльберг, ATP Zurich

Combining Know-how

ATP takes a share in FactoryXperts and expands its expertise in the baking industry.

On 1st January we retroactively acquired a 30 % share in FactoryXperts – the international market leader for consultancy services in the baking industry.

06.05.2019 Форарльберг, Integrated Design

Under the Sign of the Dragon

The Shopping Center in Ljubljana has been named “ALEJA”. News about progress on site

In a press conference, SES Spar European Shopping Centers spoke about the progress of the construction of Slovenia’s most state-of-the-art shopping center and also took the opportunity to unveil its name: ALEJA.