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22.08.2019 Awards, ATP Zurich

Care center and assisted retirement home

ATP wins 1st prize in the two-phase study competition and is commissioned to realize the new building.

Good architecture enhances the quality of life. Even for the elderly. The implementation of this philosophy in its design for an assisted retirement and care home earned ATP 1st prize in a two-phase study competition. The sustainable and comprehensive nature of the design by our team in Zurich fully convinced the evaluation committee and ATP was unanimously commissioned to continue the development of the project.

06.07.2019 ATP Zurich, BIM, Integrated Design, Corporate News

Grand Opening

ATP öffnet in Zürich neues Kompetenzzentrum für integrale Planung mit BIM

Mit mehr als 800 Mitarbeitenden an zehn Gesamtplanungsstandorten ist ATP architekten ingenieure das europaweit führende Büro für integrale Planung. Mit auf digitale Planung massgeschneiderten neuen Büroflächen in Zürich West wird ATP Zürich ein Kompetenzzentrum für integrale Planung mit Building Information Modeling (BIM).

05.07.2019 ATP Zurich, BIM, Integrated Design

ATP Zürich und Mint Architecture feiern Eröffnung ihrer neuen Standorte in Zürich West

Neue starke Architekturparnter für komplexe und anspruchsvolle Bauprojekte

Zürich, 5. Juli 2019 – Seit Anfang Jahr ist die europaweit agierende Planungsgruppe ATP architekten ingenieure neue Mehrheitsaktionärin von Mint Architecture. Gestern Abend feierten die beiden Schwesterngesellschaften ATP Zürich und Mint Architecture nun den Umzug an ihre neuen Standorte in unmittelbarer Nachbarschaft in Zürich West.

07.05.2019 Corporate News, Integrated Design, Форарльберг, ATP Zurich

Combining Know-how

ATP takes a share in FactoryXperts and expands its expertise in the baking industry.

On 1st January we retroactively acquired a 30 % share in FactoryXperts – the international market leader for consultancy services in the baking industry.

15.11.2018 Integrated Design, ATP Zurich

IWC, Schaffhausen, CH

Transparent manufacturing center for luxury watches

An elegant and transparent manufacturing center for luxury watches, which was designed by ATP Zurich, has been accessible to interested visitors since the end of August. In formal terms, the seemingly filigree production building recalls the pavilion-like structures of the Modern Movement. Radiating a sense of quality, IWC’s corporate design has been playfully integrated into the architectural language.