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NEW 25.04.2022 ATP HAID Nuremberg, Корпоративные новости

ATP Nürnberg mit integraler Führung

Tobias Schwarz wird zum Geschäftsführer Architektur bestellt.

ATP-Nürnberg-Geschäftsführer Andreas Rieser holt den Architekten Tobias Schwarz zu sich in die Führungsebene. Schwarz, der bereits seit 2017 als Gruppenleiter und Prokurist gemeinsam mit Rieser maßgeblich das Integrale Planungsbüro in Nürnberg weiterentwickelte, wird dies ab sofort in der Verantwortung des Geschäftsführers Architektur fortführen.

18.02.2021 BIM, Integrated Design, ATP HAID Nuremberg, Lifecycle

Lean, Green, & BIM for Hospital Buildings or "The Road to ZERO"

In order to save resources for the future and reduce waste in hospital building, ATP architects engineers makes the case for recycling and re-use friendly design with BIM.

"Health sector buildings are regarded as a special category of buildings because they put the common good at the heart of their core processes", explained Professor Christoph M. Achammer, CEO of ATP, during the expert discussion at the Open Day in Nuremberg.

06.06.2019 Награды, Integrated Design, Форарльберг, ATP Vienna, ATP Frankfurt, ATP HAID Nuremberg, ATP Berlin, Корпоративные новости, ATP München

Strongest Brand

ATP wins the sought-after Real Estate Brand Award for the fifth year in a row.

ATP had every reason to celebrate at the award ceremony of the Real Estate Brand Awards in 2019: The company was named the strongest architecture brand in Austria by the EUREB Institute for the fifth year in a row.

08.04.2019 ATP HAID Nuremberg

High-tech on a high hook

Weighing tons: A special crane lifts two MRI scanners into the extension to the Radiology Department of Klinikum Nuremberg South designed by ATP HAID.

Spectacular show of strength: Numerous invited guests were left holding their breath as a special crane lifted two magnetic resonance (MRI) scanners into the extension to the Radiology Department of Klinikum Nuremberg South designed by ATP HAID Nuremberg. Weighing 4.9 and 3.3 tons, respectively, the two MRI scanners are true heavyweights.

01.01.2018 Корпоративные новости, ATP HAID Nuremberg

ATP architects engineers take over Haid+Partner

The well-known specialists for health sector buildings will be developed and expanded into an ATP integrated design office

After a transition phase lasting three years ATP architects engineers has assumed control of 100 % of the shares of the former Haid+Partner GmbH in Nuremberg. The move enables ATP to expand its expertise in the fields of health, care, and rehabilitation even further.