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18.10.2022 ATP München, Корпоративные новости

Elmar Hohlweg ist neu in der Geschäftsführung bei ATP München.

Der Integrale Planer besetzt interdisziplinäres Führungsduo mit dem Spezialisten für Energieeffizienz.

Seit April 2022 verstärkt Elmar Hohlweg als „Geschäftsführer/Ingenieure” die Führung bei ATP architekten ingenieure in München. Mit Architektin Michaela Hauser, ATP-Partnerin in München und „Geschäftsführerin/Architektur”, ist der seit 2019 als Prokurist tätige Ingenieur der Technischen Gebäudeausrüstung nun auch mit der Leitung des international besetzten, 70-köpfigen Teams beauftragt.

09.03.2021 Партнеры, Корпоративные новости, ATP München

Michaela Hauser – ATP’s First Female Partner

The architect and Managing Director of ATP Munich became a partner of ATP architects and engineers at the beginning of the year.

“Michaela Hauser, our new partner, is a talented architect, who is highly committed to her employees and has remained ‘tenaciously’ creative in her dealings with the partners, and all of these factors explain her success as Managing Director/Architecture of ATP Munich,” is the delighted reaction of ATP CEO Christoph M. Achammer and his colleagues to the decision.

17.07.2020 ATP München, BIM, Integrated Design

Former Tonhallen Site, Villingen-Schwenningen, DE

Urban Quarter

The former Tonhallen site in the small town of Villingen-Schwenningen in the Black Forest has lain empty for 20 years. The authorities expect this new development to both revitalize the town center and create a significant architectural bridge between the old town and the banks of the River Brigach. The decision-makers in the urban planning development process were convinced by the concept submitted by ATP Munich and the project developer S&P Commercial Development GmbH, a company of the Sontowski & Partner Group.

18.10.2019 Награды, BIM, Integrated Design, ATP München

German Housing Award 2019

IN-Tower honored in the “residential high-rise” category.

The jury was in agreement: The key to good housing design is not mass but class. And class is exactly what they found in the IN-Tower in Ingolstadt, which was designed by ATP Munich. Yesterday, the slender tower with the well laid out apartments was recognized as one of Germany’s top 30 housing projects, when it received an award in the “residential high-rise” category.

03.06.2019 Награды, ATP München

North Station Site Rosenheim

1st Prize for ATP Munich in the competition process for a multifunctional urban quarter. Construction start: 2020.

During the course of a press conference the City of Rosenheim and the project developer Sontowski & Partner presented the results of the competition for the development of the site of the North Station, which was organized and judged in 2018. The idea is to develop the three building plots into a new urban quarter.