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NEW 24.11.2020 Корпоративные новости

Ob-Dach und Geborgenheit für Kinder

ATP spendet für Dachrenovierung im SOS-Kinderdorf nahe Zagreb

Die traditionelle Weihnachtsspende von ATP architekten ingenieure geht dieses Jahr an das SOS-Kinderdorf Lekenikin Kroatien. Zwei Familienhäuser werden damit renoviert. 

12.10.2020 Сотрудники и карьера, BIM, Форарльберг

Dual study program with ATP: Smart Building Technologies

A building services course with excellent perspectives

The starter’s pistol has been fired for applications to Tyrol’s first dual study program. From autumn 2021, MCI Innsbruck’s bachelor course “Smart Building Technologies” will offer an integrative combination of study and work. Each of the six semesters is divided into a period of study and a practice block of several months in an innovative partner company such as ATP.

12.10.2020 Награды, BIM, ATP TLP Moscow

BIM-Vorreiter für Industriebauten in Russland

ATP TLP Moskau gewinnt den „BIM Technologies“-Preis

Every year, the Russian Construction Ministry organizes the open “BIM Technologies” competition with the aim of identifying the best BIM specialists and making these known across Russia. Over 100 projects were submitted to this year’s competition, of which 25 made the shortlist and seven received awards.
ATP TLP Moscow has two reasons to celebrate. ATP’s Russian office was the winner in the category “Information Modeling for Industry Buildings” for the Miratorg production facility in Kursk and was also awarded second place in the category “Digital Modeling in Revitalization” for the MEGA Belaya Dacha Family Shopping Center. The professional jury particularly emphasized the interdisciplinary and inter-office cooperation in the ATP-network.

16.06.2020 Корпоративные новости, Награды

Real Estate Brand Award 2020

ATP is still Austria’s strongest architecture brand

ATP architects engineers has once again won first prize in the architecture category of the annual brand value study of the European Real Estate Brand Institute (EUREB). This is the seventh “Brand Oscar” to be awarded to the integrated design office. The title of Austria’s strongest architecture brand has gone to ATP every year since 2014.

07.04.2020 Корпоративные новости, Сотрудники

Vorstands-Quadriga bei ATP architekten ingenieure

TGA- und BIM-Experte Thilo Ebert neu „on board”

Mit Thilo Ebert holt ATP architekten ingenieure einen ausgewiesenen Fachmann der Technischen Gebäudeausrüstung in den Vorstand. So möchte Europas stärkstes Büro für Integrale Planung die immer wichtiger werdende Disziplin der TGA auch in der höchsten Führungsebene kompetent abbilden.