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Pioneer project

Nomination of the generally refurbished Faculty of Engineering Sciences in Innsbruck for the Lifecycle Award 2018

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ATP’s redesign and general refurbishment of the Faculty of Engineering Sciences of the University of Innsbruck is notable for its high quality and sustainability.

An interdisciplinary expert jury has now nominated the university building as one of seven projects for the Lifecycle Award 2018. This honors buildings which demonstrate innovative processes in the areas of design, construction, financing, and operation. The prizewinners will be announced during the IGLZ Congress on 14th November in Vienna.   

The tower was generally refurbished to standards which are well above average in the areas of energy efficiency and sustainability while still fulfilling all economic requirements. The significant reduction in energy demand includes reductions of 75 % in primary energy consumption and 80 % in CO2 emissions. This high quality was achieved by an integrated design process carried out by ATP Innsbruck which involved the perfect interplay of architecture and structural and building services design. The project team was strengthened from the earliest design phases by experts in the fields of lifecycle cost analysis, energy simulation, and technical feasibility studies.

The Faculties of Architecture and Engineering Sciences of the University of Innsbruck have already received a number of prizes including the Energy Globe Tirol 2016, the TQB (Total Quality Building) Certificate and klima:aktiv-Standard Gold. In April 2016 the faculties received the “Innovative Building 2016” prize at Vienna University of Technology. In September 2016 Austria’s Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (bmvit) selected the tower as a Europe-wide groundbreaking “Building of the Future Demonstration Project”. In July 2017 the exemplary project was nominated for the “Austrian State Prize for Architecture and Sustainability” and received an honorable mention.

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The generally refurbished university building is distinguished for, amongst other things, its significantly reduced energy demand. Photo: ATP/Jantscher

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