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IN-TOWER, Ingolstadt, DE

Residential tower and commercial building

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ATP Munich’s concept for the residential tower was awarded 1st prize in the developer competition in 2014. The city’s first high-rise building stands on a four-story base containing a lobby and commercial space and shapes the urban skyline.

In urban design terms the 50-meter-high, 16-storey tower acts as a link between the new station building and the “Glacis” - a green belt which surrounds the old town. The powerful complex reinforces the entrance to the north station site and will act in future as a signal for rail travelers as they arrive in Ingolstadt.

The aesthetic of the tower is centered on balconies which wrap around the building in the form of moving horizontal bands over a total length of around two kilometers, lending the tower its characteristic appearance. In addition to this, their curved form has a positive influence on the shading of the residential space. The 80 units are being realized in a range of sizes – from small studios to generous apartments.

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The powerful complex will act in future as a signal for rail travelers as they arrive in Ingolstadt.

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