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Girteka Campus, Vilnius, LT

1st Prize in Lithuania: ATP wins international design competition

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ATP architects engineers is designing the new corporate headquarters of Girteka Logistics in Vilnius on the basis of its success in a competition. The campus will be home to a range of office buildings, shopping facilities, and truck service stations.

To mark its 25th anniversary Europe's leading transport and logistics company is giving itself a present: The campus should smooth the path of the fast-growing logistics giant as it realizes its vision of becoming the first European company with 10 000 own trucks while bringing together around 2,500 employees from a number of locations across Vilnius under a single, global roof. The D&R team led by Dario Travaš, ATP Partner in Zagreb and Head of Design in Vienna, won the competition for the new headquarters of the major Lithuanian fleet operator Girteka Logistics in Vilnius, Lithuania at the end of 2018. ATP was successful against five international competitors. The jury included real estate and office experts, architects, and representatives of Girteka Logistics.

"We are delighted with our 1st place in the international competition and, in addition to this, to be able to participate in this project of superlatives. This is not only a major milestone for the investors and designers but also for Vilnius as a location”, said Travaš during the ceremonial signing of the contract, which already represented the launch of the project.

The concept of creating an open and dynamic "Work-Life Campus", seeks to encourage people to come together as in a village – in both their everyday work and leisure activities. In this sense, Girteka Logistics and ATP are following a trend that is heralding new worlds of work. From the starting point of the requirement to accommodate the large number of parking spaces on the site the team developed the idea of lifting the main building and its external terrace and placing the parking spaces below. The simple, functional, and visually attractive grid structure, which underlies all the buildings, also makes it possible to create decentralized vertical circulations and, hence, short distances to workspaces for the employees.

Just like the way in which the design of the Girteka Campus rigorously embodies the campus spirit, the energy concept developed by ATP sustain was also thought-out logistically. An energy network for the various units (offices, shopping center, truck service stations) makes it possible to both change and efficiently use energy sources, sinks, and surpluses.

The start of construction is scheduled for 2020 and the new global headquarters should be occupied in summer 2021.

The Girteka Campus project is being developed by SIRIN Development, which specializes in the development of industrial and commercial real estate. The company manages a real estate portfolio of more than 300,000 m2 in Lithuania and neighboring countries. SIRIN Development is expanding swiftly and plans to invest more than 100 million euros in real estate development projects in the Baltic States, Russia, and Rumania in 2019.

Girteka Logistics was founded in 1996 and now transports 460,000 truckloads of products every year, many on behalf of a number of globally-dominant European brands. With a current total of over 15,000 employees Girteka Logistics has been one of the largest and the fastest growing employer in Lithuania in 2018.

Client: Girteka Logistics
Developer: SIRIN Development
Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
Competition: 2018
Construction start: 2020 
Completion: 2021

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