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HOFER ALPHA Retail Network, Eberstalzell, AT

Dressed for success – office landscape as a future hub

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The advent of a new world of work: The “ALPHA Retail Network” – a forward-looking initiative from the food retailer HOFER which has been implemented by ATP Innsbruck – represents a bold step forward.

A former production hall in the small town of Eberstalzell has been transformed into a unique office landscape. And the courageous step has been rewarded. The 23,000 m² innovation hall is providing the retail giant with an unconventional working space in which creative ideas and new cooperative approaches can emerge. In line with the principle of “activity-based working” the employees of HOFER and students of the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria can select a different workplace and supportive environment to match each new task or activity. This is a form of agility which is proving itself to be a successful accelerator of innovation.

Exciting, individual and with a finger on the pulse
Such exceptional innovation deserves an expressive architectural language. A seven-meter-high sawtooth roof floats above the state-of-the-art working spaces which are interspersed with generously planted trees and surround an imposing auditorium and meeting point. The transparent, flexibly usable office zones contain a range of spaces into which users can retreat. Bright and innovatively shaped meeting rooms act like “mounds” that structure the broad hall in which apparently weightless timber-and-steel ‘ships’ appear to float. These are used for seminars and training.

ATP integrally designed this project in all specialist areas and all design phases from design to execution, including the color and material concepts and furnishing.

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The former production hall has been transformed into a state-of-the-art competence center.

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