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Prim Bay Resort

Hotel project in Primosten

This press release includes:

Press Release  (2005 character)

ATP presents the concept and the design of the tourist resort to the wider public

A sense of anticipation in the Croatian coastal town: Dario Travaš, ATP Partner and Head of Design (Vienna), presented the concept and model of the Prim Bay Resort project for the first time alongside the Austrian investor Christoph Traunig, CEO of M.L. Bay Development d.o.o. and  Stipe Petrina, Mayor of Primosten: A large-scale building complex should bring people back to the area around “Mara’s bay” to tourism.

“The basic inspiration behind the design is the appearance of the landscape with its typical dry stone walls. Staggered across the topography at varying heights they create a form of “collage.” We have integrated this landscape-shaping element into our building concept, transforming it into the central architectural idea of the project,” says Dario Travaš, explaining the creative motivation.

The Prim Bay Resort should contain an impressive 111 apartments, 30 luxury villas, and a hotel with 250 rooms on an area of around 51,000 m2. All the accommodation offers all possible comforts – including an open panorama of Croatia’s Adriatic coast. An ethnic village, a beach bar, and an aqua park round off the wide range of leisure facilities.

The project has a valuable environmental feature: The entire complex is designed as a traffic-free oasis that is only served by electric vehicles.

The special aesthetic of the architectural language was developed in cooperation between ATP Zagreb and the D&R studio of ATP Vienna and was very well received by both local people and political and media representatives. Building work should start as early as the final quarter of 2020. The first partial opening should take place in summer 2022 with the entire resort opening to holidaymakers in early 2023.

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The Prim Bay Resort will be established on an area of around 51,000 sqm.

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