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Groundbreaking ceremony for Theurl

ATP Innsbruck designs a modern CLT production facility

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A lot of earth is currently on the move in Drautal in Upper Carinthia. The East Tyrolean timber producer Theurl is building a state-of-the-art factory for cross-laminated timber elements on a site of around 12.5 hectares. Following its final completion in 2021, Theurl’s third factory will be able to produce around 100,000 m³ cross-laminated timber for the trans-regional market.

ATP Innsbruck integrally designed the plant with the help of the latest design tools and building information modeling (BIM). Both the optimal positioning of the 200-meter-long building in its rural surroundings and the simultaneous approach to the use of the available resources were simulated and analyzed within a digital model. Essential requirements included the visual minimization of the 16.5-meter-high factory and the greatest possible level of protection of the local people from any potential noise and dust pollution.

ATP’s interdisciplinary team of industrial building specialists led by Philipp Pfister, Group Leader Architecture, worked closely with the client and the statutory authorities to develop a solution that elegantly fulfils these requirements by partially sinking the production area into the ground and levelling the strongly sloping site. The groundbreaking ceremony has now taken place and the successful realization of the facility and, with it, the further strengthening of Upper Carinthia as a business location, has begun.

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from left: Gerald Theurl, CLTplus; Stefan und Hannes Theurl; Philipp Pfister, ATP Innsbruck; Hans Theurl; Future Factory Manager Christian Wastian; Josef Theurl und Mayor Ewald Tschabitscher.

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