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German Housing Award 2019

IN-Tower honored in the “residential high-rise” category.

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The jury was in agreement: The key to good housing design is not mass but class. And class is exactly what they found in the IN-Tower in Ingolstadt, which was designed by ATP Munich. Yesterday, the slender tower with the well laid out apartments was recognized as one of Germany’s top 30 housing projects, when it received an award in the “residential high-rise” category.

We are delighted by the award, because the skillful design of floor plans in housing projects is one of today’s key building tasks”, was the delighted reaction of Florian Beck, Head of Design at ATP Munich, at the prize ceremony. “The successful realization of this task – which is also highly important in urban design terms – is a result of our integrated design culture”.

Beck and his interdisciplinary team succeeded in creating a maximum amount of high-quality living space despite a footprint of just 16x16 meters. Accompanied by the congratulations of his colleagues he accepted the prize together with the Managing Director of ATP Munich Michaela Hauser, the Lead Project Manager Andre Lyashenko, and representatives of the client 6B47.

Outside: a timeless, elegant architecture. Inside: high quality and, in the best sense, functional finishes. And a sense of life and well-being that is unique to Ingolstadt. The tower undoubtedly has the potential to become one of the landmarks of this beautiful city,” was the high praise offered by the client Kai-Uwe Ludwig, Board Member of 6B47.

The German Housing Award was presented in 2019 for the first time. It rewards Germany’s best housing projects in the categories of aesthetic design, experimental approach, generational living, innovative façade, mixed use, sustainable energy concept, densification, participative planning, district development, revitalization, social housing, and residential high-rise.

Another Reason for Celebrating
The striking façade and sculptural character of the cool residential tower grace the cover of the yearbook “Ausgezeichneter Wohnungsbau 2019”. According to the publishers, “good examples have an impact and it is always helpful to seek ideas and encouragement from exemplary projects”. The objective of the book is to create a well-deserved presence for architectural quality in contemporary housing.

Ingolstadt’s coolest tower

Integrally designed with Building Information Modeling (BIM)
The BIM design method, which has been used as standard at ATP since 2012, helped enormously in the task of designing the tower in line with so many complex requirements. “A tower is always a special design challenge in not only structural but also functional, technical, and economic terms. The foundations for such success are laid in the earliest concept phase. This is why it is so important that such projects are designed integrally from the very beginning, as envisaged by ATP’s design culture”, explains the Lead Project Manager Andre Lyashenko of ATP Munich.

From day one of a project, BIM provides information that allows clients to make sustainable decisions, improves the quality of both design and construction, and offers certainty regarding both cost and timetable. “Integrated design with BIM benefits all partners involved in realization – designers, specialists, construction companies and, above all, clients,” underlines Lyashenko.

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The German Housing Award for the IN-Tower in Ingolstadt – designed by ATP Munich.

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