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Sberbank City, Moskau, RUS

„Architektonisches Kapital“ für Bankenzentrum

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“Sberbank”, Russia’s strongest financial institution, plans to bring together its 40 offices, which are spread right across Moscow, in a single, state-of-the-art headquarters. More than 30,000 employees will find a unique “ecosystem” in the complex in the city’s dynamic financial district. ATP TLP Moscow has been commissioned to design this futuristic giga-project –integrally and digitally with the help of BIM.

A “cut” for the city
The image of the modern, light-filled complex is shaped by its five separate buildings, two of which are part of the ATP’s scope of works. The varying architectural languages of each combine to create the overall “Sberbank City”. A new dominant player, the complex is located opposite – and enters into an architectural dialog with – Moscow’s busy business district. With the 35-degree-angle of the top of each the two elegantly tapered high-rise buildings create an urban accent on the skyline of the city that can be seen from far and wide.

An “ecosystem” for the employees and for the public
Sberbank City is conceived as a dynamic office quarter with a wealth of public areas and a comprehensive range of cultural, educational, leisure, and health facilities. The architectural use of nature and light and the focus on bright colors and high quality materials reinforce this combination of business and public life that is so important for the quality of the place and the working environment.

ATP met the client’s wish for LEED certification through its sustainable design of the building services. The ingenious air conditioning solution, the use of energy-efficient glass, and the skillful distribution of the state-of-the-art building technology between three supply cores guarantee the reduction in energy and heat consumption and, hence, the cost-efficient operation of the mega complex.

Project information
Client Sberbank Development
Location Moscow, RUS
Construction start 10/2018
Completion 12/2021
Gross floor area (Building A, B and intermediate building) 207,702 m2
Gross built volume (Building A, B and intermediate building) 895,068 m3
Lead project manager Evgeniy Lyashok
External design partner Building services: MOST

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Sberbank City in downtown Moscow.

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Sberbank City, Moskau, RUS

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