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Production building and business park

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Holz Pichler AG is planning to expand its existing production building and construct a new business park in Eggental in South Tyrol. With the “balanced and coherent distribution of its volumes” and the “easy scalability and dynamic expandability of its buildings,” the concept by ATP Innsbruck convinced the jury of the private, invited competition.

Production hall: flexible for the future
The existing production hall is being expanded downwards towards the valley bottom. The new volume “docks” with this existing building, thus permitting uninterrupted fork-lift-truck “traffic”.
The design also takes further building phases into consideration. Hence, the building can be flexibly adapted in line with changes in the production process, with the addition of small, autarchic areas of hall being possible at any time.

Business park: prominently positioned
A new, mixed-use business park is being built on the southern part of the company’s site: a lettable industrial hall, a dedicated wing for smaller craft-based operations, a budget hotel, and office areas. The design team skillfully positioned the hotel tower: As a new landmark it consciously plays with the height rules and soars above the lower volumes, thus creating a new heart for the valley location.

Timber – as far as the eye can see
As the competition was organized by one of Italy’s largest softwood sawmills and a recognized manufacturer of technical timber components, the need to use wood was obvious to the ATP team from the very start. For example, the natural material is used in the form of timber trusses or wooden slats in the façade. And as a piece of finely-structured “paneled furniture”, the hotel stands out in its surroundings and raises the natural material to new heights!

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2nd Phase: Business park with hotel.

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