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Tool Roll

The winning project in this year’s ATP employee challenge 2020 is being realized as a prototype.

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Press Release  (1986 character)

As in 2019, ATP organized another employee challenge this year. Its aim was to find – and what could be more appropriate – the "perfect" item of home office furniture. And because the jury found that the project by the integrated, multi-office winning team was "immediately ready for the market," a prototype of the ATP "Tool Roll" will soon be made.

From tool roll to workplace roll
The Tool Roll consists of two basic elements: a protective screen and a tubular lamp. The former is rolled together with the help of an integrated magnetic strip and the latter placed in a housing in the roll provided for exactly that purpose. The brightness of the lamp can be varied.
The six-member Swiss team, which was made up of employees of ATP’s Zurich office and the ATP subsidiary Mint Architecture, was inspired by classic tool rolls, which are easy to transport and offer everything that the user requires. The Tool Roll should do the same: It creates an adequately lit working surface with an acoustic-visual protection and, as a compact roll, can be taken everywhere.

For focused work
The winning project sees itself as an answer to the need for privacy and discretion, which is particularly common to the home office. But it also offers a private "home office ambient" not just at home but in any public place. The palette of different colors and materials should also enable the Tool Roll to score points in esthetic terms as it responds to individual needs and tastes. The five-member team of experts that chose the winning project during a two-stage selection process sees the Tool Roll as "an object that is simple to produce, ideally supports the mobility of the workplace, and has high esthetic and ergonomic qualities."

atp challenge jury schaller (.jpg )

The jury of the ATP Challenge 2020 consisted of Lilly Hollein, Director of Vienna Design Week, Thomas Stiefel, Senior Strategy Consultant and Partner at Mint Architecture, ATP CEO Christoph M. Achammer, Umdasch CEO Silvio Kirchmayr, and Wojciech Czaja, DER

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