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Venice 2021: ATP creates a BIM-powered ‘place of energy’ for the ECC exhibition at the Architecture Biennale

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Silence still reigns in Palazzo Bembo on the Canal Grande in Venice. But ATP’s preparations for the exhibition TIME – SPACE – EXISTENCE, which is being organized by the European Cultural Center (ECC), are in full swing.

In 2021, the ECC is curating the international exhibition during the Architecture Biennale in Venice for the fifth time in a row and one of this year’s invited offices is ATP, which is represented by the architect and ATP partner Dario Travaš. A corner of the Palazzo Bembo is being transformed, in line with ATP’s vision, into a ‘place of energy’ – a place in which Building Information Modeling enables time, space, and existence to interlace, overlap, and intertwine in order to form the traditional equilibrium that is architecture. “The inspiration for our contribution is a 2,000-year-old olive grove on the Croatian island of Pag. I have always been fascinated by the ability of the tree to optimize its lebensraum through time,” saysTravaš. “Our objective is to use projections of our buildings as a means of demonstrating how architecture – in line with the Vitruvian criteria of firmitas (firmness), utilitas (utility), and Venustas (delight) – is capable of shaping equally powerful Lebensräume or living environments.”

ATP makes reference to Time – Space – Existence with the help of the virtual representational forms of Building Information Modeling (BIM), which it has used as a standard design tool since 2012: Unlike conventional design processes, BIM enables all participants in the planning of a building to work simultaneously in a spatial model, long before it takes physical shape. The result of this is that architecture is now able, for the first time, to free itself from the linear nature of this triumvirate in the way that we have already been shown by the olive tree.

The exhibition will open on 22nd May 2021 and run until 21st November 2021.

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BIM-powered ‘place of energy’

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