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The ATP Creative Crate

ATP is supporting a joint project for child refugees on the Greek island of Samos.

The ATP Creative Crate.
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We minimize waste, says ATP’s Mission Statement. And is there a better way of minimizing waste then by finding a positive new use for “surplus” items? Such a new use underlies the company-wide joint project “ATP Creative Crate”, which is supporting the engagement of Refugee 4 Refugees (R4R) in Greek refugee camps.

For the initiator Maren Saitner-Zangerl of ATP Innsbruck the project is an “affair of the heart”: “A friend of mine is always collecting various things for refugees, and always with huge commitment. As her current project is primarily centered on school and office materials it occurred to me that we ATP employees could sort out and donate unused pens, pencil sharpeners, rubbers, and pads of paper.

Hence, employees are filling the creative crates with things that are lying around, unused, in our offices (or at home) in order to allow the children in the refugee camps to enjoy a little more writing, drawing, and playing – and perhaps even discover graphic design and architecture. The boxes are sent from our integrated design offices to the Greek island of Samos, where they are forwarded to the self-organized schools in the camp.

Corporate Giving
Every year, ATP supports socio-politically relevant projects or institutions as our way of making a small contribution to the common good.

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The ATP Creative Crate.

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