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Hospital Design

A lecture from Armin Wentzler about “rebuilding without interrupting normal operations.”

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Press Release  (2007 character)

In March, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sterilgutversorgung e.V. launched its new series of online lectures, “DaGehtSoViel – DGSV Live”, during which experts present and discuss the latest issues in the area of the processing of medical products.

The architect Armin Wentzler, Managing Director of ATP health and an associate member of the HBT (hygiene, building, technology) expert committee since 2014, was invited to speak in early May.

The specialist designer in the areas of medical, laboratory, and industrial kitchen technology focused his lecture on the construction and reconstruction of an AEMP (medical products processing facility) during normal operations. “Building projects in the health sector, in particular in the sensitive context of an AEMP, are bound up with numerous measures – including in the area of logistics,” explained Wentzler. “They require detailed preparation, close coordination between the participants, and intensive accompaniment and monitoring of the building measures.”

Issues that have to be concretely addressed in the planning process include the routing of all involved parties (personnel, patients, visitors, etc.), the transport of construction materials in line with the requirement for sterility in normal hospital operations, the adaptation of escape routes, the analysis, reduction, and treatment of contaminants, and the relocation of sterile goods from adjacent areas.

“The keys to successful reconstruction include both detailed knowledge of current equipment technology in the processing industry and insight into the resulting constructional and building services requirements. As a specialist designer, I often play the role of interpreter between the medical personnel and the design team,” explained the ATP expert.

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Armin Wentzler, Managing Director of ATP health.

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