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ATP in Partnership with Madaster

Joining forces against the waste of resources and for a circular economy

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Press Release  (2030 character)

ATP is seeking to fight the growing shortage of resources in close collaboration with Madaster, the central global cadaster for materials, buildings, and infrastructure.

Following the founding of Madaster Germany in March 2021, ATP is now a Madaster “Kennedy”, one of 16 well-known companies from right along the value chain that are working together with the  platform to create the conditions for a waste-reducing circular economy in the building and real estate sectors. In this process, the Kennedys – named after the former US President – act as pioneers for more sustainability in the building industry.
The partnership is an important cause for Albert Achammer, Managing Director of ATP Hamburg: “As a Madaster Kennedy we want to contribute to changing the way that the building industry thinks, so that we can arrive at environmentally-friendlier, more sustainable processes and solutions. In line with our vision of ‘changing the world for the better with our buildings’ we are committed to the EU Green Deal and are keen to appear as ambassadors for a circular economy.

About Madaster
The online platform registers not only buildings but also the materials and products that they contain. The cadaster offers real estate owners and stakeholders the possibility of storing and administering data regarding their buildings. The objective is the recycling of resources and the avoidance of waste. In future, buildings should be regarded as smart raw materials stores. In addition to ATP, Madaster Germany is supported by the following companies: Drees & Sommer, Interboden, Edge Deutschland, ASSIDUUS Development, Commerz Real, Kondor Wessels, Arup, Vonovia, BUWOG, Lindner Group, Schüco, Ripkens Wiesenkämper Beratende Ingenieure, ENA Experts, Baukom Group, Becken Development, and Kaldewei.

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Albert Achammer, Managing Director, ATP Hamburg.

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