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Harmonious Opening

ATP Innsbruck designed the new music pavilion with rehearsal room in Finkenberg in Zillertal

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ATP Innsbruck “banged the drum” alongside Deputy Provincial Governor Josef Geisler, Mayor Andreas Kröll, and the enthusiastic local population to celebrate the opening of the new music pavilion in the village of Finkenberg in Zillertal.


The new pavilion offers ample space for concerts and religious or civic celebrations and – in the rocky basement – for the rehearsal and club rooms for the local brass band. The space can now echo to the sounds of energetic marches, swinging polkas, and even groovy pop music and inspire audiences to listen to and play music.

By building the new music pavilion, we and ATP Innsbruck have realized a project that combines tradition and innovation. Thanks to the skillfully open design, we were able to work on behalf of all the people of Finkenberg to create a new centerpiece for the village that offers the perfect setting for our traditions and our love of music and strengthens our village community,”  is the enthusiastic reaction of Mayor Andreas Kröll.

In harmony with the surroundings
The concept covers the spectrum from local constructional traditions to modern design. Rather than using forms and materials that risked being “out of step”, the architects turned to the traditional, regionally anchored approach of building with timber on a stone base – and added a contemporary interpretation. The building respectfully faces the church and the listed cemetery and chapel. As a hub between the music pavilion, the village street, and the cemetery, a decommissioned area of the cemetery was transformed into a new square that encourages visitors to rest awhile.
The form of the pavilion enters into dialog with the roof landscape of the village and the surrounding mountain peaks. The various timber façades have a range of colors and haptic finishes while the different varnishes generate a spectrum of shadow effects.

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The new music pavilion in the village of Finkenberg in Zillertal.

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