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The ATP Group Declares War on the Waste of Resources!

New service: Design & Construction Management (DCM)

ATP-CEO Christoph M. Achammer.
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With its new service Design & Construction Management (DCM), which complements the integrated design approach, ATP architects engineers and the consultants redserve are taking another important step towards making the construction industry more sustainable.

When the prices of raw materials are rising, resources are becoming increasingly scarce, and the desire to build is falling, holistic project development, design, and construction is especially important. ATP’s DCM service – “Project Management + Integrated Design + Responsibility” – is a reaction to these changing market conditions that also takes into account ESG taxonomy while focusing on the reduction of both waste and CO2 emissions.

“In future, the entire ‘Development, Design, Construction, and Operation’ process will be will be implemented by a single provider in a continuous sequence – rather than being carried out by different partners in a series of separate working steps, as tends to be the case today”, says ATP CEO Christoph M. Achammer.

The objective of DCM: reducing waste
The more participants that are involved in a project, the greater the likelihood that resources (time, financial, and natural) will be wasted. Or at least not used in the best possible way. Such as when building materials have to be stockpiled, even if it is clear exactly how much of what is actually needed.
This is exactly what DCM is about: centrally coordinated, efficient processes that ensure that construction projects can be designed and built as economically – and ecologically! – as possible. It’s about reducing “empty meters” and, hence, the waste of resources.

Christian Grottenthaler, Managing Director of redserve: “With DCM we reduce complexity and waste in the construction process.”

What can DCM do?
With our full DCM service package we assume responsibility for the coordination of the entire design and construction process for both the building and its operating plant. The DCM contractor works in a team with those responsible for the design process as the representative of and advisor to the client and, thus, always has an eye on the big picture. They are responsible for the complete development of the building project – from the first quick check via development, design, and construction, to the turnkey building. This allows new processes to be deployed and unnecessary interfaces – and the frequent, associated errors – to be avoided.

About redserve
The ATP consulting subsidiary for real estate development has been present in Austria, Germany, and the CEE Region since 2004. It accompanies clients in all project phases, enabling them to make well-founded decisions; the project decision during the analysis phase, the investment decision during the concept phase, and the construction decision during the design phase. Clients supported by redserve enjoy more certainty about the location and about costs, commercialization, and approvals throughout all phases of the project.

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The DCM contractor is the central point of contact during the entire duration of the project.

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